ARPALIT® Care Ear Cleansing Solution with an effective cleaning agent

A water-based ear cleaning solution containing the cleaning agent sodium docusate, which softens and dissolves earwax and dirt and cleans the external ear canal of dogs and cats.

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Veterinary product

So they can hear you better

The cleaning solution is intended for routine cleaning of the ears of dogs and cats. Regular use of the product helps to keep ears clean and reduces the possibility of ear infections and pain.

Effective cleansing agent for easier dissolution of earwax

Contains an effective cleaning agent

Softens and dissolves earwax

Aid in healing of ear infections and pain

How to use the product

Dissolving and removing excessive sebum reduces the amount of bacteria and yeast present. The chamomile extract contained soothes and softens the skin of the external ear canal. The preparation can be used as an aid in healing of ear inflammation and pain.

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With one hand, lift the ear pin and gently stretch it, away from the muzzle. With the other hand, insert the flexible applicator into the ear canal and squeeze the container to squirt the solution into the ear canal and, if necessary, onto the surface of the inside of the pinna. Allow the solution to work for about 1-2 minutes (hold the ear lightly against the head). Massage the flexible part of the external ear canal with gentle pressure. Release the ear and allow the animal to recover. (This will release debris from the deeper parts of the ear canal.) Do the same for the other ear. Remove any remaining dirt and excess fluid with a piece of cellulose cotton wool or tissue (only from areas of the external ear canal that are easy to reach). Repeat cleaning as needed, usually 1-2 times a week for preventative use.

Fleas will bounce it off

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