ARPALIT® Neo mechanical sprayer

A product designed to kill ticks, fleas, lice, biting lice. Suitable for smaller breeds of dogs and for those who are less tolerant of the sound of the spray.

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Reserved veterinary medicinal product

Pet-friendly, protects against ticks and fleas

Mechanical sprayer is especially suitable for smaller breeds of dogs, short-haired breeds and for those who are less tolerant of the sound of the spray. Spray carefully outside the face, until the hair is slightly dampened. The active substances Permethrin and Fenoxycarb contained in the product have an ovicidal and larvicidal effect and at the same time protect the dog from re-infestation.

Protect your pets with care

We think about your pet’s health first. Arpalit NEO takes good care of your pet’s health, but at the same time is very effective against parasites.


Did you know that common tick and flea remedies such as spot-ons (pipettes) or antiparasitic collars intoxicate your pet’s bloodstream? Toxic substances circulate in the bloodstream for several months. Arpalit NEO antiparasitic products (foam, spray, shampoo, sprayer) do not have this property and do not intoxicate your pet’s blood circulation.

For a wide range of parasites

Act on a wide range of parasites from ticks and fleas to biting lice. They act on all developmental stages from larva to adult parasite.

For whom it is not intended

  • Do not use in sick animals.
  • Do not use in cats. Avoid possible contact of cats with dogs after application.
  • Do not use in case of known hypersensitivity to any of the substances contained.
  • Do not use in pups less than 2 months of age, during lactation or pregnancy.

Spray, mechanical sprayer, foam. Which product to use?


Quick application on the pet and its bed
ARPALIT® Neo spray

Mechanical sprayer

Does the pet not like the sound of the spray? Use a mechanical sprayer
ARPALIT® Neo mechanical sprayer


Ideal for sensitive pets. Rub the foam into the hair during cuddling
ARPALIT® Neo foam

Advantages of Arpalit NEO mechanical sprayer

  • For a wide range of parasites

    Acts on a wide range of parasites from ticks and fleas to biting lice. Acts on all developmental stages from larva to adult parasite.

  • Silent application

    The application by mechanical sprayer is intended for dogs that are less tolerant of the sound of the spray. Recommended for smaller breeds of dogs, where eye contact could occur when using a spray.

    In the case of an extremely timid pet, the most suitable option is foam application.

How to use the product

If you have questions about the product, see the FAQ section.

Cutaneous administration. Shake before use. Hold the container upright.

Push the spray button and apply the product against the lay of hair from a distance of approximately 15 – 20 cm from the body surface. The dose depends on the size of the animal being treated (75 ml per application = dog’s weight 50 – 60 kg). Spray the entire body of the animal with the exception of the head (around the eyes, snout) until the hair is lightly dampened.

To treat the head, spray the product onto a gloved hand and carefully rub it into the hair. Wait 48 hours after applying the product before giving the animal a bath.

Prevention: Product effectiveness up to 4 weeks

Urgent elimination of parasites: Apply the product after 1 week and then after 4 weeks.

Protective gloves must be used during application, protect the eyes from spray and prevent inhalation of aerosol. Do not eat, drink or smoke during the work. When you have finished, wash your hands with soap and water carefully. Avoid contact with skin, eyes and mucous membranes. In the event of contact with your skin or mucosa, wash the exposed body part with a great amount of water immediately. In the event of contact with the eyes, the eyes should be rinsed with a huge amount of potable water. Shall symptoms of irritation (rash), allergic reaction or system effects occur, seek medical care. The product should not come into direct contact with food, potable water, children`s toys.

Use the biocide safely. Always read the attached product information before use and use the product only according to the instructions. For external use only. Don’t use in the wild!

People with known hypersensitivity to permethrin, pregnant and lactating women should avoid contact with the product.

Fleas will bounce it off

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