FAQ: Antiparasitic shampoo

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Do not use for sick or allergic animals.

When applying the shampoo, it is important to prevent it from entering the eyes.

Yes, Arpalit NEO spray 150ml is also suitable for application in places where the dog stays. We also offer the product Arpalit NEO spray for dog beds, which is directly intended for the disinsection of places where the dog stays.

Use Arpalit NEO shampoos as needed.

Use Arpalit NEO antiparasitic shampoo as needed, but a thorough rinsing is necessary after each use.

Yes, you can prolong the effect of the antiparasitic shampoo by using Arpalit Neo spray, Arpalit Neo foam or Arpalit Neo spray with a mechanical sprayer. However, be sure to rinse the antiparasitic shampoo thoroughly.

Arpalit antiparasitic shampoo has only a short-term effect, ie. eliminates parasites only immediately after application, as it is a wash-out product. After washing the dog, we recommend applying VMP, for example, Arpalit Neo spray, Arpalit Neo mechanical sprayer and Arpalit Neo foam

Arpalit NEO shampoo with TTO has a natural repellent effect due to the content of tea tree extract.
Arpalit NEO shampoo with bamboo extract is antiparasitic shampoo designed to kill ectoparasites with the active ingredients Permetrin and Fenoxycarbon.