FAQ: Electronic repellent

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Arpalit hypoallergenic shampoo
Arpalit NEO conditioner with TTO

Arpalit NEO spray, mechanical sprayer and foam can be used for females during lactation and pregnancy after consideration of the therapeutic benefits and risks by a veterinarian

Yes, you can prolong the effect of the antiparasitic shampoo by using Arpalit Neo spray, Arpalit Neo foam or Arpalit Neo spray with a mechanical sprayer. However, be sure to rinse the antiparasitic shampoo thoroughly.

Arpalit antiparasitic shampoo has only a short-term effect, ie. eliminates parasites only immediately after application, as it is a wash-out product. After washing the dog, we recommend applying VMP, for example, Arpalit Neo spray, Arpalit Neo mechanical sprayer and Arpalit Neo foam

Arpalit® electronic repellent is harmless to humans and animals, it is non-toxic and odourless.
The electronic repellent contains a microchip that emits ultrasonic pulses at a frequency of 40 kHz inaudible to humans and animals. Short ultrasound pulses disturb and repel parasites within 3 m of the animal, thus preventing its infestation.

It is suitable for all sizes of dogs and cats without age restrictions.

After attaching the electronic repellent to the animal’s collar, the occurrence of parasites is reduced depending on the initial infestation of the animal. A significant reduction in the incidence of parasites occurs 7 days after starting of use of the electronic repellent.
In animals with a significant incidence of parasites, it is recommended, especially in the initial phase of high parasite infestation, to combine the electronic repellent Arpalit® Dog with antiparasitic products (Arpalit Neo® spray, mechanical sprayer, foam).
After 35 days from use, no parasites are usually present on the animal’s body. This condition persists for the period of effectiveness of the electronic repellent 10 months from the first activation.

It can be used without age restrictions.

It is also used in older and weak animals prone to disease, for kittens, during lactation and in animals living in the house.

Yes, it is recommended that the electronic repellent be kept on the dog/cat due to the possible re-infestation of the parasite.
If your dog/cat does not have a collar at the moment, you can place the electronic repellent at least in its house, bed or in the place where your dog stays most of the time.