FAQ: Arpalit medicals

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Do not use for sick or allergic animals.

When applying the shampoo, it is important to prevent it from entering the eyes.

For legislative reasons, the products of the Arpalit NEO line (spray, mechanical sprayer, foam) are not suitable for small mammals, reptiles, birds and cannot be used for livestock.

Arpalit NEO spray, mechanical sprayer, foam cannot be used for cats.

Arpalit NEO spray, mechanical sprayer, foam products affect both adults and larval stages of parasites. Is the effect of Arpalites antiparasitic line products up to 4 weeks? With Arpalit shampoo with bamboo extract, the effect is only short-term, ie. only immediately after use.

Push the spray button and apply the product against the lay of hair from a distance of approximately 15 – 20 cm from the body surface. The dose depends on the size of the animal being treated. Spray the entire body of the animal except for the face until the skin or coat is lightly dampened. For treatment of the head region, the product is applied by spraying onto a gloved hand and rubbed into the coat carefully; avoid contact of the product with the mouth, nose and eyes. Comb or brush or ruffle the coat so that the product penetrates down to the skin.
Wait 48 hours after applying the product before giving the animal a bath.
The product can be re-applied after a week.

Prevent contact of children with the treated animal for at least 24 hours after application. The product is extremely poisonous to cats.

Yes, Arpalit NEO spray 150ml is also suitable for application in places where the dog stays. We also offer the product Arpalit NEO spray for dog beds, which is directly intended for the disinsection of places where the dog stays.

Spray application is also suitable for space for a dog (kennel, bed), larger animals that are not afraid of the spray “hissing” sound.
Application by mechanical sprayer is suitable for dogs prone to fright.

The unique application in the form of foam is suitable for extremely timid dogs (application in the form of petting, stroking), small breeds or when the antiparasitic has to be applied only to certain places (intimate parts, limbs, facial part, etc.)